Humanitarian Crisis

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This body of work focuses on the refugee crisis in Greece, with more than 1.3 million refugees sought asylum legally in 2015, with many more unaccounted illegal migrants trying to take the dangerous path to Europe.  With the influx of the large number of refugees, the smugglers take advantage of the refugees' desperation and force them into large dinghies in the most dangerous conditions in the Mediterranean waters.  In 2016, over 5000 refugees have drowned trying to cross their way into a new life and dreams.  

I had the privilege of being able to volunteer on Lesvos island in Greece in winter of 2016 to help some of the refugees land, provide dry clothes and hot meals.  Words cannot describe the overwhelming flood of emotions and thoughts that went through my mind, and there is no greater feeling than receiving the grateful smile on these strangers' faces.  These pieces here aim to honor the bravery of these refugees' journeys.

© 2017 Jave Yoshimoto

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